Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Spanish Grimpeur Re-emerges (Spoiler alert)

::Spoiler Alert/Stage 15::

There was so much ink and air time spent on speculation about who would reign once the Alps stages started, and it did seem like there were a handful of viable candidates. But tell the truth: When you saw Contador ride away from Armstrong and the others as if he'd casually decided to put some real effort into it now, didn't it seem like you knew it all along? He just turned it up -- and kept it there. We've seen him do this before; he's frightening in the mountains. Even Bob Roll said Armstrong had nothing by comparison. It was an exciting stage, as Verbier blew apart the peloton and the GC in classic Alpine fashion. World-class athletes ended up crossing the line in ones and twos.

I guess we know who's working for whom, now.


Human Wrecking Ball said...

Dang it!

Velosopher said...

I take it you're an LA fan, HWB?

No One Line said...

Can't wait for Mt Ventoux!

Velosopher said...

Sadly, I'll be on vacation with Mrs. V. on Sat., so will miss Mt. Ventoux -- can't believe it! What poor planning! (Hmm, maybe the inn has a computer I can watch on?)