Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tone Poem, 3/7/09

First decent ride outside in weeks. Rock and roll!

Wow, the driveway looks like a swamp… My cleats are going to get sanded down pretty good inside the pedals today, with all this mud and grit.

Yeesh, my legs feel like they’re filled with sand. Pneumonia sucks.

What’s that funny smell? Oh, yeah – earth and trees and things. Been a long time.

Sun is warm on my back. Nice.

My legs feel like they’re filled with sand.

How far… oh, yeah, decided not to take the cyclocomputer today. Good move. Trying to listen to the body more. So, how does my body feel? Hmm… ready for a little more. Cool!

What’s that smell? Right: horses. Been a long time. Nice.

Before the pneumonia, I wouldn’t have even noticed this little bump. Now it feels like Mont Ventoux… Crap.

Wheeze. Wheeeeze.

Pnuemonia sucks.


Wow, check out all the phlegm that comes up from my lungs after a hard effort! Cool. I do love hawking on the fly, it's almost as good as blowing snot. Two of the best things about riding.

Huh – guess pnuemonia has an upside.

Okay. I wish I was home already. My legs feel like… Right, stop thinking that.

Good to be home. After 55 minutes, feel like I used to after four hours. But you know what? Glad I went out. Real glad.

Supposed to be sunny tomorrow, too. Do it again.

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