Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Morning Ride Sonata

roll out at roughly 40 degrees
air is cold but sun has the optimistic, warm touch
of early spring

body recovering from fourth cold of the season, tired of
holding back, constantly re-starting from zero
too many cars
not enough juice in the legs
reach the turnaround point
turn back without hesitation

take a different way back
bike path
empty of bikes, people
sunlight pushes defiantly through trees
mountains in the middle distance behind them
flat-to-rolling means I get to do my roleur thing
amp it up a notch
keep it there
feeling good

take a right instead of a left
little traveled side road, infamous for bad surface
a nice steady climb
keep up the plus-one pace, breathing harder
more sun now, more trees, fewer houses, air fresher
heartmind levitating
this is what I must have come out for

if breathing hard is God’s gift
if the potholes are enjoyable challenges
I must be coming back.

- Tuesday, March 31, 2009