Monday, March 30, 2009

Moab, Visually

First up is an edited photo album of our trip to Moab, with captions to help tell the story (make sure to scroll down from each picture). Roughly ten photos -- relatively painless. (Click on the photo in the window to go to the Bubbleshare page containing the full-size slideshow and the captions.)

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And for those who just can't get enough of the Southwest, or just want to see even more pretty pictures, try this:

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No One Line said...

I really enjoyed your photos. I was in Moab for a few weeks when I was a kid - it really made an impression on me. Dead Horse Point is amazing.

A few years ago I was in Salt Lake City, driving out of town up into one of the canyons in the mountain for the wedding of two close friends. I watched cyclists huff and puff it up the steep winding roads, and ones who had already made it up just completely tearing up the descent. It made me really want to ride there, and anywhere else with long, beautiful mountain roads.

Velosopher said...

NOL, thanks for the appreciation!!

Yeah, my Moab report was already too long, but I wanted to add that there's some good riding right around SLC. Rob and I went up and over the pass into Logan, a really long mountainous climb... looked deliciously painful (and then FAST).