Monday, July 27, 2009

A Bientot, le Tour!

Man, I saw it comin' just as plain as day, but I awoke this morning with that hollow feeling anyway. No more GC in-fighting? No more battles for justice in the Green Jersey fight? No more suffering on the mythic alpine landscapes?!

Waaah! I want my fix!

For a little morning-after pick-me-up, try going here. There are new installments since I last posted about this site, including a visit to Flanders, Roubiax and the Giro. Which is still my favorite race. And if that's true for you, too, you can go here for a pick-me-up, Bobke-style.

Finally, if you simply can't count yourself among the living if you aren't thinking about a Grand Tour, go here. A month to go is not at all too early to start thinking about it!

Meantime, get out there if you can. The best pick-me-up of all.

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