Saturday, July 18, 2009

Alas, Big George


So sorry to see Big George Hincapie, so beloved by American fans and racers alike, lose the chance for yellow today. I think everyone would have been happy to see him in the leader's jersey one more time. I've yet to see an interview with him, but I'd be surprised if he has a negative word to say, because that's just how George is. That, despite the fact that his team prioritized Cavendish's green jersey points over Hincapie's shot at the yellow.

Then came the questionable referee's call of Cavendish's interference with Hushovd at the line, which obviates any points gained by Cav -- making the loss of yellow even more melancholy for George.

You know what they say: That's bike racing.

Meantime, the loss of Levi (sob!!) has made the Astana "Texas vs. Spain" drama more interesting. I guess we all are looking forward to the Alps!


Human Wrecking Ball said...

Story book endings only happen in the movies I recon. Tough day for everyone. I agree with the call on Cav, I felt like one of his lead out guys blocked too. It all sucks for George who was visibly pissed. Can't wait for the inclines!

Velosopher said...

I missed seeing any reaction from Hincapie, and couldn't find an interview with him online last night... would like to hear his side!