Wednesday, May 2, 2012

All the News

Heckzapoppin' here at Velophoria Central. I thought I'd create a little roundup (as they say in the news biz) of the latest tidbits.

From the Everything Old is New Again Desk: Long-time readers know that my first serious bikes (back in COUGH the 1980s) were road bikes, and, despite my considerable gravel and off-road forays of late, that's where my roots remain. Now, I had been dissatisfied with my two road bikes for some time, though I haven't mentioned it much here. The Giant OCR was quite comfortable, but the quality of the ride and the spec was getting me down. The Cannondale CAAD 8 was a stunning thoroughbred, but the top tube was too long, the bars were too low, and the ride was like mountin a razor blade -- sharp, but hardly comfortable. The Giant frame wasn't owrth the scratch for an Ultegra spec. Trying to frankenbike the crystal-pure racing pedigree of the CAAD into something more relaxed went against everything the bike was built for.

I searched for a good compromise for nearly a year. A month ago, I found it: The Jamis Quest. An elegant and responsive frame wrought from storied Reynolds 631 steel, and a good spec (including Mavic wheels and an Ultegra rear derailleur). I rode a variety of highly touted steel frames during this search (including the alluring Casseroll from Vaya); this was the first that sang to me the music I remember from steel bikes of old. I was able to do a straight trade last week for the other two bikes at my favorite LBS (Hampshire Bicycle Exchange) so my wallet made no objection. The first 50 miles have been quite promising; much more to say on this beauty as the miles pile.

A very similar Quest build to mine. Pix to come. (Photo:

From the Life Goes On desk: We're off this weekend to bury my dad's remains at a beautiful little cemetery not far from the country home he and  my stepmom made in the Catskills. Bizarre, natural, cyclical, unpleasant, good. 'Nuff said.

From the Major Announcements Buried in a Humdrum Post desk: One of the things that has been taking up our time and energy lately is the exciting pending addition of a first child to our family. For the last year, we have been going through all the bureaucracy leading to eligibility for adoption. Well, we are now fully eligible, and our agency is beginning to look at children for us. We'll be adopting a young boy, probably of pre-school or kindergarten age. Needless to say, this has been quite a big process for us, both externally and internally. I haven't said anything about it here because there isn't a lot to say until you're actually eligible -- just a lot of classes and paperwork. Now? On the one hand, there has been -- and will be -- less time and energy to do all the outdoor things that make life so good for me. On the other hand... well, come on. A son! There is nothing better than that. We're excited and overwhelmed. Obviously, once a child ins in our house, you'll be hearing a lot more about this. Like maybe forever. The Velosopher's life is changing completely.

Family rides are in the future, for one thing!


Human Wrecking Ball said...

Congrats on the new ride, the closure, and the exciting new chapter! I wonder if the kid to be knows he won the lotto?

Juancho said...

Well how about that! I work in a world of unclaimed children, so it does my heart good to know one is about to be given a brand new world. Good for you guys, congratulations.

Velosopher said...

Thanks, guys, I really appreciate the cheerleading. Life is bumpy now (I didn't list everything that's going on) but we expect the payoff will be big.

I mean... a son!

Scott said...

Hi- So much good in this post. I liked the discussion of the old road bikes and the finding of the promising quest.

I hear you about the "nuff said", but it's ok too. Closure,memories,together in a way.

Congratulations to you,your wife and your new son. It's a beautiful story. I wish you the best.

Velosopher said...

Right on on all counts, Scott -- and thank you.