Monday, April 30, 2012

Proper Thanks

If any of you want to thank me for my tireless advocacy of sanity and connection to ourselves and our planet through our bicycles... This would look painfully beautiful on my root beer brown Vaya.

I'm just sayin'.

Update: I've since found a brown I think would go even better -- though it's not leather, sob!


Scott said...

Boy, they have some sweet looking stuff on that site. I appreciate your advocacy. The posts have been great too. Particularly liked Satori .Nosomethingnothing. Pretty much captures it.

Velosopher said...

So glad you've liked the posts, Scott. I've been worried I'd gone too philosophical for some of my readers.

Scott said...

V- Definitely not for me. The blog is a vehicle for you too. I would be interested in seeing, hearing the rides the root beer Vaya and you have been on and what the two have been talking about.