Sunday, July 6, 2014

Roaring Brook Road, Conway

I headed out Saturday morning thinking of a well-worn route up 116 North into Conway, but decided to turn off a little early onto a byway with the promising moniker of Roaring Brook Road. It did not disappoint -- nay, not in the least.

It's a long road which began with a twisting, steep climb past an impossibly perfect farm with pastures tucked into gem-like hillsides. I got to thinking the 12% grade was about steep enough, which is of course when the road turned to gravel and got really vertical. It went on for miles, lots of hair-raising sketchy descents (especially on 28c tires) and secluded hilltop pastures peeking out through New England's ghostly past.

If you like rugged adventure, go forth (or perhaps, given the holiday, I should make it, "Go 4th.").

Decked out in the national colors for the July 4th weekend (the pedals are also blue…)

Upland pasture with tiny dots for cows

Blow-down from Hurricane Albert added to the rugged goodness

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Brian W. Ogilvie said...

I discovered Roaring Brook Road last year. I thought it was fun, but my wife didn't really care for it.

Velosopher said...

Roads like that are definitely an acquired taste. But then, so are champagne and caviar...