Sunday, February 3, 2013

Midwinter Meander

Three-and-a-half hour winter base ride today, temps could have been higher to suit me -- mid-20s most of the day. Thank goodness for my wonderful new Thermos with the one-hand trigger-top sip lid.  There is just nothing as good as hot coffee on a long, frigid ride, especially when you can drink on the fly. Though pulling off on a ridge-top to enjoy a moment of sun and a long view makes the taste that much better.

Everything the Thermos site says about this puppy is true, and then some. And, with a standard stainless steel bottle cage, I can squish the opening a bit and the bottle stays snug.

The ride was beautiful, cold, long, and fun. Not necessarily in that order.

Rusting farm machinery, some of the Valley's best scenery

Circles times circles

Colors aren't restricted to spring and summer

The eponymous feature of Falls Road -- Frozen, for February

Can you see the ice fishing folk on Lake Warner? Dozens!

About eight miles in, when my fingers felt close to frostbite, I considered cutting the ride short. Glad I didn't. Whatever you do in the winter to stay fit, make sure to put some warm clothes on and get outside as part of it.

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