Saturday, February 9, 2013

Adventure Journal: When you're not out there yourself

Okay, so winter storm Nemo has us socked in like a pair of bears waiting for spring. Doesn't keep me from posting about bikes. Or re-posting, more accurately. I spent the morning trolling around on my new iPad Mini, and stumbled across a very promising blog: Adventure Journal. In addition to all kinds of thoughts and reports about all things outdoors, they devote regular space to people doing very cool (or crazy) things with bikes.

Here's one great story about a Black man in a sketchy neighborhood in Denver who's singlehandedly building a cycling culture, against great odds. He fixes WalMart bikes for homeless folks needing to get to jobs, and also spends time in the summer building his own whips, branded Chocolate Spokes.

Here's another about a Canadian racer who will be spending the winter training in Florida. No news there, except that he decided he needed yet more miles... So he's riding all the way there. Through snow and single-digit temps.

I'm guessing I'll be spending more time on Adventure Journal.

In the meantime, pass the remote, willya?


BIGWORM said...

Wow!! Total small-world effect is kicking here in our blogosphere. I hadn't checked in on your site in quite awhile, so I felt it was time for a look see. You linked the Adventure Journal site, so I checked out the story on the Canadian riding to FL. That site then links the guy's personal blog. When I go check it out, turns out the guy has landed in my home town, about 4 days ago. Apparently he's been hanging out riding all my local venues. Now I just gotta try to connect the last dots, and try to meet this guy. Thanks for the adventure, V. Glad I checked in!

Velosopher said...

Go find him, BW! And check in here if it works out!