Wednesday, August 19, 2009

End-of-season Rides, Western New England

Back in May, I compiled a list of early-to-mid-season cycling events within a two-hour drive of Amherst, MA -- an area including most of Connecticut, Western Massachusetts, southern Vermont, and a thin strip of New York State along the borders of those previous states. Having moved here recently, I found precious little in the way of comprehensive resources for cyclists, so I posted the list on Velophoria.

Last week, I repeated the process, searching for the regional rides remaining in the '09 season, starting in late August and running through the end of the season in October. These are organized rides that are neither official races nor official brevets/long-distance events. Each generally offers a range of distances, anywhere between 25 and 100 miles, and proceeds usually go to a good cause.

I only found six, and the two posts together comprise a mere 18 rides, which in itself represented hours of work. I'm quite sure there are many I've missed so, in the spirit of fostering greater Western New England cycling community, I'm putting out the call for comments, corrections and additions.

Sat., 8/29 - Ride with the Champions - Topsfield, MA

Sun., 9/13 - Connecticut Valley Century - Hatfield, MA

Sun., 9/13 - Ride to Provide - Amherst, Ma

Sun., 10/4 - Ashford Metric Century (Plus...) - Ashford, CT

Sun., 10/4 - Major Taylor Century - Whitinsville, MA

Sat., 10/17 - Ride for a Reason/Livestrong - West Hartford, CT


Glenn_in_MA said...

I compliled a list myself in the early Spring, but sadly, never posted it! And if you've checked in on my blog lately, you'll notice I've been a very, very bad blogger!! The time to blog properly is just very difficult for me to find during the summer, unless I cut down on the riding time...unthinkable! Anyway, I'll try to formalize my list over the next couple of weeks and between the 2 of us we might be able to maintain the most comprehensive list of New England area rides available. I have yet to find a single source that has every ride listed.

Velosopher said...

Great idea, Glenn. As I remember, you're a little east of me, yes? If so, I'd be most glad to add a link to your list to make the coverage more comprehensive.

Chris_V said...

Cycling Concepts in Rocky Hill and Glastonbury, CT has their 2 Ferry Ride in September.

Velosopher said...

Well done, Chris! Thanks for the addition!