Saturday, May 9, 2009

Western New England Cycling Events

I took some time over the last week or two to gather a list of upcoming cycling events in my area. Given my lengthy health issues this winter, and that I'm still cleaning up some ongoing related stuff, I'm probably not going to be racing this season as I had planned. But I need events to train for.

I spent last year -- my first season back on the bike in decades -- just riding to ride, and it was fun, but the aimlessness got a little dangerous sometimes.

So, this season I aim to acquit myself reasonably well at organized rides in the my newly-adopted region. I won't be off the front trying to prove how indomitable I am, but I'll try to post some good times, and have some good times, too. Hopefully, I'll get a little training motivation out of it, discover more of the area, and make some new friends to hang with. It's been a little lonely out here, away from my friends back in Boston.

Since it took me a while to compile this list from different sources, I thought I'd post it here for the benefit of cyclists in the Pioneer Valley, or the larger region (which the local NPR affiliate so smoothly calls "western New England"). Most of these rides start within roughly a two-hour drive of the Five Colleges area (basically Amherst and Northampton, MA). Some are much closer. Most events offer a variety of routes, with distances ranging from 12 miles to well over 100, and a number of lengths in-between.

I warmly invite comments if you know anything about any of these rides. I'd also love to know of any area cycling events not listed here. (Note that I've not included rides that only offer long-distance routes, such as pure centuries or brevets.)

Sat., May 16 – Tour de Northeast – Woodstock, Ct

Sun., May 17 – Heidi’s Chain of Hope – Westfield, Ma

Sun., June 7 – King’s Tour of the Quabbin – Rutland, Ma

Sun., June 14 – Hat City Cyclists' Cyclefest– Bethel Ct.

Sun., June 14 – Tour De Cure – North Haven, Ct.

Sun., June 20 – Ride to Survive – Plainfield, Ct.

Sat., Jul 25 – Memory Ride – Devens, Ma.

Sat.-Sun., Aug 1-2 – Vermont Lakes Region Cycling Weekend – Poultney, Vt.

Sun. Aug. 2 – Tour of Litchfield Hills – Litchfield, CT (?)

Sat. Aug 22 – Hoosic River Ride – Bennington, Vt.

Sat., Sept 12 – No Limits Ride – Manchester Centre, Vt.

Sun., Oct 11 – Great River Ride/Berkshire Brevet Series – Westfield, Ma.

Hope this list is helpful to folks!


mellowvelo said...

Excellent idea! I am discovering that I love organized rides - everything about them is fun and encouraging. The atmosphere is so congenial, and you can either race them or cruise them, depending on how you feel, because there will always be plenty of riders doing both.

Best of luck enjoying these events.

Velosopher said...

Thanks, Mellow - I look forward to it!