Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Succeeding at Admitting I'd Failed"

It wasn’t that I faced shame like some brave and noble human, but rather that the racing, the failing at racing, and the succeeding at admitting I’d failed, shone a bright light on the shame that was in me. I mean, there it was: I couldn’t not see it [....] I believe all of us contend with our own personal demons... and that for each of us, our obsessions, whatever they are - bike racing for me, stamp collecting, gardening, or whatever - can teach us all we need to overcome or learn to live with those demons.

- Bill Strickland, interviewed at
In my weekly bike-related browsing, I came across this interview with Strickland, executive editor at Bicycling Magazine, and, more importantly, author of Ten Points, a very good memoir that weaves together bike racing, growing up in an abusive family, and lots of other big themes. The book is worth reading in itself, but the interview put the icing on the cake for me. Strickland proves eloquent, honest and incisive.

If you like bikes, thinking, and great writing, don't miss the interview or the book.


Jerry Waxler said...

Dear Volophoria, Thanks for pointing out the interview with Bill Strickland. He is just as generous with himself in the interview as he is in the book. In addition, take a look at the review I wrote about his memoir Ten Points. Here's the permalink to that review: Review of Ten Points by Bill Strickland

Best wishes,
Jerry Waxler
Memory Writers Network

Velosopher said...

Jerry, you're most welcome. Job well done on the interview.

It helped me appreciate the book more. I liked it when I read it (mainly because Strickland's a velosopher, like me) but Strickland's comments in the interview offered me a different level of understanding.

I have now included your Web address in the tags at the end of the post, so there's one more way for ppl to find you. Good luck!