Sunday, June 1, 2008


There’s something about a morning when you know you’re going to go out for a special ride later on.

It’s early on this gorgeous first day of June, a Sunday. A cool, gentle breeze wafts in through the windows, sunshine bright and crisp against the leaves of the trees outside, pale blue sky full of promise for smooth roads and good encounters just a few hours from now.

I woke up with that extra bit of anticipation – “Oh! I’m going to ride somewhere nice today!” It fed me through my morning rituals, bubbling just beneath the surface: This gorgeous day will not slip away unappreciated. Just the opposite: Soon I will be wheeling down a back road, farm land or lawns stretching away in the broad sunshine, earthy perfume rising from the warming ground, muscles and lungs working hard, bearings in my freewheel offering that wonderful clicking song that goes on and on as the miles pass.

It’s a good day.

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