Tuesday, March 22, 2016



After eight years and more than 400 posts documenting my explorations and unfoldment as a cyclist and student of life (and boy, but those two things fit together so nicely), I'm closing the doors on Velophoria today to open up shop at my new project, More Sky Better.  I invite you to stop by for a cup of thoughtful words, carefully prepared and patiently simmering for you.

I think back tonight with warmth and tristesse over the many good friends I made here, both online and off, and the crazy, exciting, fun, hard times encapsulated herein. End of an era, and all that.

The latchkey's always out for you here; feel free to explore.

Meanwhile, it's that time, so I'm mounting up and pedaling onward.


   The Velosopher


Human Wrecking Ball said...

We all had a good run. There ain't no coal and there ain't no town.

Harry (a.k.a., The Velosopher) said...

HWB! Great to hear from you, even if you're feeling a little coal-less. Come on over to my new blog, moreskybetter.com, and get a little gas in your tank! I'd love to have your comments there.