Monday, October 12, 2015

Peak Leaf

A leisurely, perfect ride in and out of, and up and down, the nooks of Montague, MA, this afternoon. An achingly beautiful fall afternoon, 73 degress and the light everything October light wants to be.

Hilltowns visible across the hidden Connecticut River

Bookmill doing booming business down by the old mill stream

The falls of Falls Road

A waterfall discovered by riding up where no road bike had any business being

Robert Frost, thou shouldst be living at this hour


David Chinery said...

Hello Velosopher - I've enjoyed your blog for a while now and just wanted to say "hi." I bike on the other side of the mountains from you - in Columbia County NY. I'm not brave enough to do true mountain biking, but I love a gravel road, and I like multi-day rides, too. I bought my Salsa Vaya in small part because you gave yours a good review, and it have proven to be my most comfortable ride. Keep the posts coming and thank you! David

Velosopher said...

David, it's a delight to hear from you. Having been at this blog for eight solid years, I've lost some motivation lately, as you can tell by the year-by-year number of posts in the right-hand column. But it always puts a little gas in my tank to hear from an appreciative reader. If I felt there were more of you out there, I'd post a little more often.

Glad to hear of your happiness with your Vaya!