Friday, April 25, 2014

Spring Vaya Hill Climb

Winter's gone -- I mean, really gone this time, no more freak April snowstorms, thank you. Will and I decided to celebrate with a double-Vaya dirt road dandy.

We took Shutesbury Road in Amherst to Pratt Corner Road and then a little further up Montague Road in Shutesbury. A lot of dirt climbing early on a chill spring morn, temps in the 30s at roll-out (7:30 -- ouch! -- because Will had to be back at the shop in time to open) but more comfortable towards the end. Birds singing, horses in upland pastures, and a good long talk about the recent challenges and rewards of our lives. Somehow, chatting on a bike always amounts to therapy. Then, of course, the payoff: The bomber downill, trying to lay off the brakes on the twisty, pot-holed spring roads. FUN!

Today, I remembered why I bought the Vaya. Thanks for a great ride, Will!

A chilly, brownish roll-out

The apex, somewhere in the Shutesbury woods

Will found a perfect tripod to produce the next photo, below
Admirals Bird and Scott, as I call us
We climbed the whole thing...

… and survived the descent!

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