Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ways to Enjoy Winter

The bitter chill of winter, and the attendant white stuff, has piled on like a second-string linebacker here in the Northeast. Has it stopped me being outside? Ha! I laugh in the face of the bitter chill and attendant white stuff!

A couple years ago, Mrs. V and I invested in cross-country skis, and it's really made it possible for me to enjoy winter and do a little less biking for a while, returning fresh and eager in late February. These days, I look forward to dumps like we're supposed to have this weekend: 6-12 inches, yesirree!

This is one of my skiing spots, with miles of gradual grades and deep woods:

In-between snows, when good ol' global warming brings temps back up to the 40s, I've been pushing the edges of the envelope for the Salsa Vaya, on frozen trails and a bit of singletrack:

Even if you're not lucky enough to live in the beautiful Pioneer Valley of Western Mass, we still wish you a Happy New Year. May you spend most of it outdoors!

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