Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Best Tour de France Ever?

Eight seconds.

After three solid weeks of racing five or six hours a day, over frozen mountain peaks and through humid, blistering valleys, Greg LeMond -- the first, and now the only American to win the Tour de France (and he won it three times) -- rode his guts out into Paris, against all the odds, on the very last day of the race, and beat Laurent Fignon -- the hometown hero! -- by eight measly seconds.

Eight seconds!

Many say it was the most exciting and surprising Tour finish ever.

Last week, whilst tooling about Amherst getting some things done (on my bike), I stopped at the venerable Jones Library to drop off some paperwork. On my way out, I passed a table of ancient magazines recently withdrawn from the collection. I stopped just long enough to notice that they were all Sports Illustrated issues from the late '80s and early '90s. I wasn't overly interested, but I flipped a couple of copies over, and... voilá! Cette:

Hope you enjoy this little rest-day bon-bon. The article is well-written and the photos sublime, so click to enlarge the scans, and then expand the expansions to enjoy the text.

The man was, and remains, a Giant. Chapeau, M. LeMond!

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