Monday, June 3, 2013

Velosopher, Jr.

Velophoriacs, meet Velosopher, Jr.

Jr. is our pre-adoptive foster son, who finally moved in with us last Friday after months of exploratory visits and red tape. We're very excited to have him as part of the fold. It was a very exciting weekend, of course, but one of the best parts happened Saturday afternoon.

Shouldn't suprise anyone that, on his first full day with us, I toted him to my LBS -- the redoutable Hampshire Bicycle Exchange -- and got a smokin' deal on a sleek, new-to-us, road bike, A Fuji Ace 24 (rough specs here). It's never too early to brainwash initiate the little ones into the ways of the mystery cult. (You are forgiven for believing that I influenced him, but once he experienced the lighter, more agile feel of a road machine, the clunky kids mountain bikes were quite forgotten in the corner of the store.)

Back at the ranch, Sr. V gave Jr. V a quick Shifting 101 tutorial...

... and JV was off like a rocket. As we say in our world, he rode it like he stole it.

Within minutes, the other boys on our block were out on their steeds, and joined us for a few demo laps in the shade, each paying his proper respects to the new bike on the block.

In the way of boys everywhere, this quickly morphed into a Kul-de-sac Kiddie Kriterium, in which JV's competitive spirit quickly surfaced.

JV fit right in: A good-hearted competitor, smiling whether in first place or last. On our block, competition is fierce, but joy always wins the day.

The apple and the tree:

Since temps were in the low 90s, there were post-race cool-down activities.

Sunday, you ask? Sunday we worked on skills. (I hasten to note that this was at JV's request.). I set up three rags in a row on the cul-de-sac, and had him ride tight crcles around them, mastering his low-speed handling skills. The bike's a bit large for him, so that he might grow into it. Because it's built lighter than the mountain bikes his friends ride, he'll have the option of joining me for longer jaunts. However, the larger size means handling is not intuitive -- yet.

We also worked on traffic skills, taking two five-minute family trips around the block, on the main roads, with Mrs. V. joining us. JV kept a pretty tight line, and did not waver as cars overtook us.  He'll be ready for a 20-miler in no time. Okay, maybe not this month, but no worries: I had more fun directing the bike rally than I did on any solo ride this year.

Family Life: Membership has its rewards.


kris said...

This is pure joy!

Velosopher said...

How right you are, Kris!

Silke Plesch said...

Thanks for sharing your newly arrived adventures. Way to go!

katie kate. said...

velosopher, jr -- makes my heart so happy!

QueenTimely said...

How wonderful! And, I love your blog, which I'd never seen before. Velosopher? Fabulous. Let Jr. know that his auntie once-removed is wishing him great joy in his new family.

Velosopher said...

I'll let him know!