Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What I Did for my Labor Day Weekend

Artifact of Tropical Storm Irene: Blocked trail in Monague on Saturday. Time for some hike-a-bike through the woods!

Cranberry Pond in Sunderland, on Labor Day. Dirty roads, dirty weather. I tried to climb the fire road up Mt. Toby (in the background) but didn't have low enough gears or fat enough tires (okay -- or strong enough legs).

When you have a bike that thrives on faux-roads, you have fun exploring under highway trestles.

And you find mysterious inscrptions on stone blocks by railroad tracks.

And you turn off trails or roads onto newly-discovered single-track networks. See that footbridge way at the bottom? Hike-a-bike, from there upward. Fun!


Human Wrecking Ball said...

The stone with markings freaks me out man.
I want to ride the foot bridge please.

Velosopher said...

You and me both. Who or what is buried there?

I wanted to ride the bridge, too, but there was a 10" step-up and I'm no skills-mesiter!