Thursday, August 4, 2011


dear diary,

am so ashamed!!!!! spent 3 of my last five rides on singl track!! what will my group ride frends say when they see mudd on my legs?? the paint job on my newest bike is getting, like, all chuwed up from rocks or sticks or something. every day i ride up to the trailhead with my helmet pulled so lo i can't see, just in case one of my roadie frends goes by and is all, like, "doood! what is up with the baggies + t-shirt???!!!"

OMG! Who am i???



Human Wrecking Ball said...

Welcome to the collective. Resistance if futile.

Velosopher said...

So it would seem. I stopped by my LBS today to pick up a pair of fat MTB tires to test ride on the Vaya.

I'm also starting to surf the web for good deals on a 29er.

Oh, dear.

Juancho said...

You have ascended to a higher plain of unconsciousness!

Velosopher said...

Thank you?