Saturday, May 28, 2011

Welcome to the Rat's Nest

"My knee hurts a lot. I'm going to set up the Vaya with 23 mm tires and do the big Memorial Day charity ride with lower gears."

"Yeah! I'll be nice and comfy all the way and I can spin up the hills!"

"But then I'll be slow as molasses and won't be able to keep up with my friends!"

“Right, but I promised myself I wouldn't try to keep up with them; if it happens, it happens. I'm supposed to be riding for fun and stewarding my health!"

"Maybe I should set up the old Giant again -- yeah, triple in the front, lighter than the Vaya, still comfy."

"But I haven't ridden that bike more than an hour in nearly two years! Maybe the setup will be all wrong!"

"My knee hurts. Maybe I should just skip the ride altogether; I don't want to screw it up totally. I'd sacrifice a month of riding just to have one fun day..."

"Maybe the eleventh time I stretch my glutes 'til they're like overcooked noodles will cure the knee problem... but Mrs. V. is getting awfully tired of trying to talk to me while my face is buried in the rug..."

Above is a sampling of what makes me periodically think I should just give up doing events of any kind. Yes, sadly, all those thoughts come from one mind. My mind.

Believe it or not, almost every day, I get up and feed myself and manage reasonably well the multiple, demanding tasks of a professional job and a rewarding marriage. And then I set a cycling goal for myself, and the wheels start coming right off the wagon.

I know you have this same syndrome. It's these moments (hours?) that lead us to wonder yet one more time, "Why do I do this again? Cycling is supposed to be fun! If I want deadlines and drudgery, I can just go to work!"

I want to know what you do to cope, to make it better. Two days 'til roll-out.

In a word: Help!

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Glenn_in_MA said...

Doing a little blog reading catch-up! How do I cope? Why of course, I read your blog!! :)
Congrats on the Quabbin ride!