Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Unconscious is Smarter than I am

I always get a little depressed whenever I have to take a rest week. I guess when the red flags include physical tiredness, irritability, achey joints, and sluggish performance, it's not surprising that I feel a little moonish over the idea of cutting back on my favorite pastime.

Interesting; I had a dream a couple nights ago in which I had this urge to go swimming in a quiet pond in the wilderness. I felt the sparkling sunshine, the soothing water, and an unusally refreshed sensation as I thought about it. I went looking for this pond, but all I found was a beach where folks were body-surfing in tall crashing waves. I thought to myself, "That looks really great, and usually I'd choose that. But I'll hold out for that pond." Pretty clear message, right? Yin over yang for a little while. Body and mind need a break.

Yet soon after -- it was either that day or the next -- I did a very demanding running workout, only days after the hardest bike ride I've done this year. My body felt strong and eager to go, just as it usually does right before it starts declining.

Guess my unconscious has a better handle on my best interests than I do. For the next week, I'm taking it light.

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