Monday, September 21, 2009

Marvelous Metric

A terrific day yesterday. Completed my second metric century, 62 miles circumnavigating the Quabbin Reservoir, with nearly 4700 feet of climbing -- a personal record. (Well, I may have done more on one of my teenage bike trips, but that was nearly thirty years ago, so who remembers?) Scenery beautiful enough to rival any spot you care to name in the United States, especially with the fall colors beginning to emerge. Precious little ponds and swamps with fiery red trees illuminated from behind. Jewel-like farmhouses folded snugly into intimate, multicolored hills. Sun and blue skies everywhere.

A little twingey in one knee, but overall, the fitness was there. Though I won't lie; after hours of hills (the entire ride consists of giant rollers), the final stretch, including the Quabbin park loop -- a couple miles of climbing -- and the giant rollers between there and home on Route 9, with gangs of motorcycles roaring by my left shoulder... well, that was a bit sloggy.

Overall, extremely rewarding. After stretching, eating and napping, I went out on the deck and relaxed completely in the toasty September sun with a Diet Coke. It felt as if everything in the world was in its rightful place.

Now it's Monday, and I'm off to work!


Human Wrecking Ball said...

Awesome post. I am in the same frame (without the fitness and with less miles). I had a couple rides this week where I simply couldn't bring myself to turn for home. It made me consider touring for the first time.
All is well after a long one.

Velosopher said...

Thanks, HWB -- I wish you as many fall rides as you'd like! Yeah, it's so great when you don't want to turn around. Really glad to hear you're getting time on two wheels.

Suitcase of Courage said...

Absolutely stunning photograph! Is that the state of the color up there already?? Gotta get up there again soon!

Velosopher said...

Shoot -- now I have to admit that I filched that photo, which I don't like to do (the filching -- and the admitting). The colors up here aren't quite that far along. The pic reminded me of some scenes I spotted along the way.