Thursday, February 12, 2009

Roll On

I find it interesting how hard it is for me to ride the new Cannondale on my rollers. I'd gotten so used to riding the rollers on my Giant by this, my second winter on rollers, that I was able to watch a few movies, change settings on my iPod, grab a tissue and blow my nose, take drinks of water, and even completely zone out for a while. (I know: Not the point of rollers.)

Yesterday was my first extended roller session with the 'Dale, and I had to keep alert nearly every minute. I think the effects of the tighter, more responsive frame geometry are amplified by the rollers, which themselves make any bike respond to every muscle twitch.

I'm wondering if mastering the R1000 on the rollers will lead to greater (or faster) mastery of it on the road. Probably contributes at least a little.


SuitcaseOfCourage said...

The C'dale may have a shorter wheelbase than the Giant, so you may have to adjust the roller drums accordingly...

Velosopher said...

It's around a cm shorter, but I checked the positioning on the rollers and all looks well. Still, I might play with tightening up the roller wheelbase this weekend just to see how it feels. Thanks!

Adam Troxel said...


I wanted to let you know I redirected to
Not only would I eventually be sued by cannondale for use, but I have other bikes as well. :)

I also added you to my links. I like your site. Good stuff - keep it up.

Velosopher said...

Adam, thanks kindly for the encouragement! I'm interested to see where you'll go with your site, too. Nice build on your CAAD, btw.